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In the end, it's always about people. Who am I?

Where am I from? What drives me?

Koh Samui.jpg

Family guy.

Endurance athlet.

Team player.



Why is "purpose" important? I think because it's about values ​​privately and professionally. Today, all the more important in a time that is becoming more and more complex. And where reliable values ​​provide support, orientation and security.


Because it is our intrinsic anchor. The strength that endurance athletes need to conquer their weaker self again and again. The wind the sailor needs to get to his destination.

"For a good why, every difficult how is tolerated." (Nietzsche)

My Purpose.

To be a sparring partner for people so that they make their contribution to the "big picture" and are valued, motivate them to take the next step, keep learning and see value in what they do as an inspiring addition to a balanced life a culture of experimentation, empathy and loyal support for the company's purpose.


Together We Achieve More.

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My formula for success: team + purpose + plan + understanding of roles.


A common purpose is the fixed star on the horizon, which gives orientation to the individual, the team and the company. The values ​​derived from this create identification in the company and on the market: for employees and customers.


This force breaks boundaries and shifts them into new dimensions, which in marketing we like to call disruption, transformation or new business models

Fail fast.

But forward.

Nature shows us how it works to be successful. What is preventing us from growing beyond our limits? I trust in the strength of people. Because it is he who achieves goals and makes them sustainable. Regardless of whether communication, technical solutions or products.


"The smart learns from everything and from everyone, the normal from his experiences and the stupid knows everything better."

pestel_Rouven Moisel_BCANDBM.png

Holistic Sustainibility.

Of course, I often hear that, as an interim manager, quick success is required of me. Which is understandable. Nevertheless, a step backwards can also be successful. Namely when influences and requirements from politics, economics, society, technology, law and the environment have to be integrated

A holistic concept on these six topics helps to create really relevant, sustainable outputs.

The "Pestel" model helps to take these relevant factors into account. I try to convey this valuable construct to my customers and to incorporate it into my daily work.
"The meaning of life is not to be a successful person, but a valuable one."(Einstein)

I am happy to take over the "lead"!

"You can't think negatively. And expect positive things."

For this I go ahead out of conviction: reliable, clear, committed. And work with my teams on relevant, sustainable solutions. Moving companies forward. And give meaning to everyone involved in what they do.

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